MDS has extensive experience assisting our clients through the development and implementation of successful physician/hospital alignment strategies and advanced integration strategies. We routinely consult on various models and methods including physician employment, outpatient clinic structures, joint venture arrangements, medical foundation models, physician recruitment/retention initiatives, clinical integration, etc.

Besides advising and consulting on alignment structures, we also have had vast experience implementing strategic action plans and providing interim management. MDS can provide an array of assistance including leadership to manage the day-to-day operations and help guide the pathway for the most effective alignment strategies support.

Some common questions that an organization should address when contemplating alignment include:

  • How does the organization create and maintain a pluralistic approach to physician alignment?
  • How should the hospital position itself vis-à-vis solo practitioners and small group practices?
  • What services can be offered that make sense financially?
  • What are the appropriate strategies for a foundation model, physician employment model, and/or a multispecialty group?
  • What is an appropriate menu of services and what is the cost/benefit associated with individual services?
  • Who are key competitors in the key service areas, what are they offering, and how are they structuring it?
  • How does the organization compare to its competitors?
  • What strategies will be successful with payers?
  • How should the organization position itself in the marketplace to enhance physician alignment both short and long term?
  • How will these strategies work in conjunction with healthcare reform and reimbursement changes?

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