MDS has assisted many organizations with comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessments. Besides meeting governmental regulatory requirements, this assessment is important to an institution as it helps demonstrate the important role the organization can be for the overall health status of the community. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires that hospitals conduct a community needs assessment every three years.

MDS considers an analysis of healthcare needs within the marketplace including:

  • Demographics, health status, and the incidence and prevalence rates of health conditions
  • Estimated use rates and issues affecting healthcare delivery
  • Community perception of needs, services, and gaps
  • Demand and payer mix for healthcare services
  • Supply and adequacy of existing healthcare services in the community
  • Identification of program and service opportunities which senior management should evaluate in its efforts to improve their hospital's market position and financial performance
  • Recommendations to strengthen current services, capitalize on new opportunities, and tailor program and service mix to meet market needs
  • Develop Recommendations regarding an implementation strategy to meet community health needs, as identified through the assessment, as required by PPACA

While all aspects of the new requirements are important, the Community Health Needs Assessment presents perhaps the most exciting opportunities for provider collaboration.

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