MDS has many years of experience working with hospitals, medical groups, and other healthcare organizations to address operational performance and identify cost-effective solutions for improving productivity, assessing efficiencies, enhancing patient flow, and reducing supply cost in many clinical and operational settings. Our goal for clients includes lowering cost and enhancing standardization while maintaining high quality and patient satisfaction. The MDS team is skilled at providing support for:

  • Operations improvement
  • Facility planning and expansion for better utilization and growth
  • Departmental performance (ED, surgical services, etc,)
  • Financial assessments of surgical services and clinical departments
  • Analysis and evaluation of turn around, and patient wait times, and scheduling issues
  • Interim management support for operations/clinical (senior leadership level staffing)
  • Assisting medical groups with daily operational issues
  • Facility redesign to maximize utilization, efficiencies, and workflow

MDS works closely with senior leadership to improve the clinical and process integration as well as the alignment of strategic issues, performance measures, and systems to improve the predictability and efficiency.

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