MDS works nationally to help organizations identify key elements of their PCP strategy including market need, organizational recruitment targets, development models (eg., medical home, employment, medical foundation, medical group alignment), and financial impact criteria. Having a robust primary care strategy is critical for any healthcare provider organization. With medical schools producing fewer residents for the primary care and compensation for their services declining, it will be even more challenging to build your primary care supply and meet the needs of healthcare reform.

Organizational imperitives in light of healthcare reform and market dynamics that relate to primary care providers will be facing include:

  • PCP's will be driven to to affiliate with a larger health care entity
  • Physician need supply will continue to decrease
  • Productivity levels are shifting with the new generation of physicians
  • Use of mid-level Providers may be an increasingly viable model for supporting the demand for primary care
  • Payment increases will improve PCP financial shortfall for employed providers in medical foundations
  • Compensation methodology for PCPs will evolve toward value-based purchasing (quality and outcomes)
  • Hospitals and PCPs will require creative and innovative structures for healthcare reform
  • Transitional requirements of healthcare reform will tax organizations to respond to multiple payment methodologies, physician engagement, new delivery models, and continued alignment of changing incentives

MDS can assist organizations to better understand and implement key strategic elements including primary care compensation, retention, and recruitment strategies to continue to build and foster the organization's primary care supply. Designing the appropriate and most beneficial recruitment package, delivery model, and compensation plan is essential. As part of the overall alignment strategy, whether it is an employed physician model, medical foundation, ACO or medical home, it is crucial that organizations create a platform for the PCPs to focus on managing care and network development.

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