MDS works closely with its clients' leadership, including boards of directors, senior management, medical staff leadership and corporate counsel to provide solutions necessary for effective decision-making. MDS helps guide hospitals and health care organizations to chart their strategic direction, prioritize initiatives, allocate resources and create viable, realistic action plans. We emphasize the development of organizational consensus based upon an understanding internal parameters and market realities. Some of the methodologies used to create the strategic plan include the following:

  • Goals and strategies for the organization
  • High level financial analysis with ROI
  • Physician, leadership and community interviews
  • Market analysis including admitting patterns, payer mix, competition, volume projections, reimbursement
  • Focus groups
  • Organizational analysis: scorecard/benchmark
  • SWOT
  • Quality improvement
  • Service line development/enhancement
  • Ambulatory services planning
  • Physician relations and development
  • Performance improvement
  • Joint venture opportunities
  • Capital planning and budgeting

It is important to have an updated strategic plan to clarify future objectives, improve the reputation and quality of services, increase patient and medical staff satisfaction, evaluate the expansion of services, growth and development and foster the improvement of operational and financial performance as well as capture new opportunities.

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